Case Studies

Permoid1 Following the failure of an in-house laser at a major yellow goods manufacturer, Servosteel were able to assist by taking 98 parts in 61 complex nests, quote them, re-nest, cut and palletise within 48 hours.

Due to our rapid response, on-time delivery and outstanding customer service, Servosteel won substantial business and became an established and valued partner.
Folded Parts Sometimes the easiest looking profile can be the most difficult when it has to be cut alongside other existing components. Servosteel worked from a sample with light tolerances and produced parts within 24 hours ensuring the customer (oil and gas sector) met their own tight deadlines.
Copper Parts A rapid response time to turn existing parts to CAD drawing, via trials and samples into production components resulted in the closure of a significant order.
Solo Ring Parts Servosteel worked alongside a major supplier to Bombadier and Siemens and starting with completed PDF drawings, re-created them in our Amada software and produced the finished part. This was one of our first jobs in the rail industry.

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