Coil Recovery

Improve margins on low grade material with the Servosteel Coil Recovery Service

Servosteel, the UK's number 1 toll processor, brings you a way of recovering damaged or low grade steel coils via the revolutionary Coil Recovery Service. Already many of our customers have returned degraded steel coils back to their full potential by using the Coil Recovery Service. Our customers regularly see savings of £100 per tonne as they no longer have to sell coils as secondary material. Take a look below at the types of material we can restore and see how you can realise the full market value of your low grade stock.

Before SCS

After SCS

The process of reclaiming your secondary coils

The use of roller levellers and a high degree of tension to the strip during the cleaning process produces an exceptional degree of flatness. The brushing unit then removes any rust or scale that has built up on the surface.

Please have a look at our "Coil Conditioning" video to witness for yourself a downgraded coil being restored to its former glory.

We have had great success reconditioning defective coils - full middle, bad edge shape, poor build up etc can all be eliminated.

Water Damage

Heavy rust and corrosion can be completely removed from the surface. If you have coils that have degraded over time or during transportation, the Coil Recovery Service can restore them to their former glory. Providing you with a clean, dry and rust resistant surface, the line can bring secondary coils back to caption.


Whether your coil has Edge Wave, Full Middle, or a Bow, the Coil Recovery Service can correct shape issues to significantly increase the value and workability of your coil. The Coil Recovery Service uses a high torque tension leveller to achieve exceptional flatness. Quality issues such as coils outside flatness specifications can be resolved with the option of surface cleaning. The majority of strip mill products can be processed through the line.

Click the 'Shape Correction' video to see a coil with extremely bad shape transformed into a smooth, clean and extremely flat strip of steel. The shape in this particular coil made it unworkable and would have otherwise been moved on as scrap.

SCS Coil Break
Coil Break is improved with the
Coil Recovery Service

Coil Breaks

Coil break happens when localised yielding occurs during the uncoiling or recoiling of the hot strip. With the use of a tension leveller to achieve exceptional flatness, a side effect is that coil breaks are significantly improved on hot rolled coils. Breaks will be improved both visually and to the touch.

A better product all round

Not only can the Coil Recovery line be used for restoring low grade coil, but once a coil has been subjected to the Coil Recovery Service it brings many advantages to a range of production techniques.

Browse the tabs across the top of the page to see specific advantages for different processes.

Future processes to consider

  • Processes that compress or deform the steel sufficiently to disrupt the surface oxide layer.
  • Hydroforming, cold reduction, deep draw and deep draw with spinning, may need a different dry lubricant and process adaptation for recovered material to work well.
  • Porcelain enamel coating and electrolytic planting.
  • Surface sensitive material when utilising the brush cleaning system.
For more information on the benefits the Coil Recovery Service can bring to your production process, please contact our Operations Director Phill Guest on 01384 471371 or e-mail

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