Coil Pickling

Servosteel are proud to house the only independently owned coil-to-coil pickling line in the UK. The ability to procure HR dry coil and offer the flexibility to convert thereafter is a huge draw for our customers.  Amendments to customer schedules can be addressed promptly with our short lead times.  Furthermore we are happy to partner you during your procuring process to ensure that all your needs are identified and met.

What is coil pickling?

Coil Pickling is a process in which any surface scale or rust on the steel is removed to leave a clean substrate. It is only used for hot strip mill products.

There are a number of steel pickling processes. Servosteel operates a modern push/pull shallow bath hydrochloric acid line.

Steel coils are unwound in a very similar way to decoiling and enter the fully enclosed continuous pickling line. Before being fed into the pickling tanks, the strip passes through a levelling head which lightly removes the parent coil shape. A hot water rinse then washes any general dirt from the surface and the material enters three continuous in-line tanks. The three tanks, which consist of a steel outer shell with a heavy granite liner, contain different concentrations of heated hydrochloric acid.

The acid removes iron oxide (rust and scale) which is adhered to the steel surface, following which the material passes through a rinse section, a dryer and is then lightly oiled before being recoiled.

As you might imagine this is a highly automated and controlled process which requires continuous monitoring.

Once recoiled, the steel can be delivered or receive further processing such as slitting, decoiling or tension levelling.

Steel In - Pickling, Coil Pickling, Steel Pickling
Steel in
Steel Out - Pickling, Coil Pickling, Steel Pickling
Steel out


To see the capabilities of our coil pickling line, click here.

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