Our three slitting lines incorporate innovative features and automation resulting in slitting of the highest standard and accuracy. Maximum efficiency and productivity are achieved through a combination of high level operator skill, industry experience and excellent warehouse logistics.  We have the ability to slit material ranging from 0.28mm to 6.5mm in thickness and our narrow slitting line ensures that even the narrowest widths are available.

What is slitting?

Slitting is the action of cutting a parent coil into one or a number of narrower widths using rotary slitting knives. Each of the finished widths is known as a strand, and is recoiled to produce a finished width slit coil. The strands can be of varying widths.

To slit the material the coil is unwound and passed through a set of fixed guides, allowing for the parent material to be offered up to the slitting head in a controlled manner. The slitting head consists of two driven arbors with a number of rotary slitting knives and spacers set to produce the finished required size once the material has been passed through them. The blades act as rotary cutters, offering a scissor action which never fully closes.

After coil slitting, the material is recoiled on the finishing mandrel to produce a number of narrow coils which are banded.

We can also cut coils in half, or using Slitter 3 (our narrow line), re-slit into yet smaller sizes.

Our customers have the option of collecting their material or requesting us to arrange delivery.

Steel In - Slitting, Coil Slitting, Steel Slitting
Steel in
Steel Out - Slitting, Coil Slitting, Steel Slitting
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To see the capabilities of our steel slitting machines, click here.

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