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Discover SCS


Discover SCS

The SCS Process is a revolutionary way of processing steel coils. SCS material is very clean, extremely flat and has a non-oiled, dry surface providing many financial and environmental benefits. So how does it work?

All coils processed through the SCS machine pass through a set of high-torque tension levellers which ensures that the material is extremely flat. At the heart of our coil-to-coil system is a brushing unit. The material passes through a series of engineered abrasive rolls where rust and a controlled level of scale is removed. Water is used to cool and lubricate the rolls as well as wash away the iron oxide which has been removed. The material is then air dried to produce a clean, flat and dry surface.

We also use our UK exclusive SCS line to provide a coil recovery service, which omits the brushing and cleaning part of the process and instead runs the steel through the high-torque tension levellers to correct shape and produce completely recovered coil, as good as new! This could also help Improve your margins on low grade material.

With the use of tension levellers, SCS material is extremely flat and perfect for laser work once decoiled in to sheet, the use of SCS material will improve the efficiency of many fabrication processes too. The process does not use any chemicals, acid or heat and thus is extremely environmentally friendly.

Please click here to go to our SCS page. Alternatively click here to go to our Coil Recovery page.

If you wish to explore the benefits of processing your coils with SCS then contact a Servosteel Sales Representative and they will help you discover SCS.

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