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No tricks, Just treats!


No tricks, Just treats!

In the run up to Halloween, we thought we would offer you a great deal to try our revolutionary SCS coil recovery service. The charge will be reduced to £20 per tonne, a significant saving on the regular price. This offer will run from Monday 23rd October 2017 until Friday 3rd November 2017.

This offer provides the opportunity for you to discover the benefits of our SCS line, the only one in the UK to recover material that exhibits some shape and surface imperfections in order to increase its realisable value.

You can find more information on our SCS process and more specifically on our Coil Recovery service right here on our website.

We hope you find this offer as exciting as we do and make the most of the opportunity to discover SCS, and why not ask us to cut your coil to length and Laser process in to parts as well?

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