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Sustainability @ Servosteel


Sustainability @ Servosteel

As an ISO 14001:2004 registered company we have continually driven for improved efficiencies in the water used for every Tonne of pickled material processed. Servosteel have achieved over a 50% efficiency improvement in 10 years of certification.

As a forward thinking company, Servosteel will not only continue to look at in house efficiency, we are now looking at using external technologies in the push towards becoming a long term more sustainable company.  One way for us to become more sustainable is to reduce our large dependence on the mains water used for processing, by harvesting rainwater.  

How did we make the decision to invest in this technology?
This idea came forward through the company's employee suggestion scheme and from there went to our environmental/energy efficiency committee for investigation.  It soon became apparent that as Servosteel has a large factory roof area of over 10,500m2, that we could utilise this to our advantage. We brought in an external company for advice, after consultation the company decided to go forward with phased projects of differing sizes.

Our aim for the initial project is to reduce our mains water use by 10% per annum.

Next Steps!
To further utilise our roof area and install a much larger rainwater harvesting system and become even more sustainable.

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